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What is your lack of self love costing you RIGHT NOW?

Are you ready to become the happy, positive, CONFIDENT YOU you’ve always wanted to be?

Juliet MartineThe truth is right now you’d love nothing better than to be in a wonderful loving relationship! Or to have a fantastically healthy attractive body! Or to feel happy and fulfilled in your work with an overflowing bank account, right!?! The thing is, while we do our best to keep things together, sometimes the anxiety and self doubt we all experience can feel quite isolating. Especially when it seems everyone else has their lives totally sorted but ours looks nothing like we’d hoped it would by this point in life. Even though we want to make positive changes in our relationships, health, career, and finances. . . the truth is, deep down inside we can feel there’s something blocking us. We know there’s something’s holding us back from enjoying the happiness, confidence and success we deserve. But we don’t know what that something IS or HOW to CHANGE IT!



When was the last time you felt truly

Juliet Martine


I’m Juliet Martine and over the past 15 years I’ve helped thousands of people clear the things that block them from experiencing more loving relationships, greater health and vitality, improved career success, increased financial abundance, and greater inner peace and happiness. And there’s one thing I always find. . .

No matter what we want to attract into our lives, when you peel back the layers there’s one thing that blocks each and every one of us from receiving the things we desire.

And that one simple thing is THIS:

Deep down . . .

at the core of our being . . .

on a deep deep subconscious level . . .

most of us don’t feel WORTHY or GOOD ENOUGH to receive the things we desire in life.

When we struggle to experience happiness, love and success, it’s usually because on some level we don’t believe it’s actually possible. . . because deep down inside we don’t actually feel good enough, worthy or deserving of receiving the things we want.

It’s the same for all of us!

Most people, if you dig deep enough, don’t feel good enough and/or worthy and deserving enough to be able to receive the things they want in life. It’s almost as if it’s encoded into our DNA, because at some point we’ve either made a mistake . . .

or we’ve done something wrong . . .

or we’ve failed in some way. . .

and now we simply don’t believe we’re truly worthy and deserving of receiving the things we want.
And it’s soooo frustrating, because it’s this underlying belief that then causes us to subconsciously block ourselves, hold ourselves back and SABOTAGE our own happiness and success! Crazy, right!?!  

As human beings, on a subconscious level
we all struggle
with the same 4 issues:

We struggle to accept ourselves. . .

To love ourselves. . .

To believe in ourselves. . .

And ultimately to feel WORTHY of receiving the things we want in life.

Every day we fill ourselves with negative self talk. With self doubts and criticisms. With judgements about how inadequate we are as we tell ourselves we’re not good enough, intelligent enough, attractive enough, or worthy enough to receive the happiness, love and success everyone else gets to enjoy.

And I know what it feels like. . . I’ve been there myself. . . many years ago I felt exactly the same!

I didn’t like who I saw when I looked in the mirror.

I didn’t like my body.

I thought I was unattractive.

I lacked confidence in my abilities.

I didn’t like who I was and thought I was boring and that everyone else was better than me.

And more than anything I didn’t think anyone would ever want to be with me.

So when I started dating someone who actually liked me, I actually felt LUCKY. Seriously! I felt lucky that someone would actually like me enough to want to be with me.

I didn’t have a strong concept of who I was or the value I brought to the world and I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to be with me, let alone want to love me or even marry me!

Truth was, deep down inside I didn’t feel worthy of being loved.

And that’s the BOTTOM LINE.

Deep down inside, most of us feel INADEQUATE, NOT GOOD ENOUGH and NOT WORTHY of being loved.  

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8 Week Online Course with Juliet Martine


What’s your lack of self love
costing YOU?

Unfortunately, when we don’t fully LOVE, ACCEPT and VALUE OURSELVES it costs us BIG TIME !!!


Because wherever WE go, our self love or LACK of self love goes with us! And every time we try to move forward, be it in our relationships, health, career, finances, or any other area of our lives, our LACK OF SELF LOVE will cause us to sabotage ourselves and block our own success.

You probably recognize the many different signs. For example, do you find you experience difficulties in your:

  1. Relationships and Love Life? 
    • Are you overly needy and clingy in relationships?
    • Find it difficult attracting a loving partner?
    • Stay in unhealthy relationships for fear of being alone?
    • Drawn to partners who reject you and don’t want to be with you?
    • Feel awkward in group settings or meeting new people?
    • Have difficulty setting strong clear boundaries?
  1. Work and Business?
    • Do you lack confidence?
    • Doubt your abilities in your work?
    • Feel invisible and overlooked for job opportunities?
    • Feel like nothing you do is ever good enough?
    • Feel like a failure, a fraud and worry other people will realize you’re not as good as they think you are?
    • Hold yourself back from opportunities and hate promoting your products/services?
    • Anxious in work meetings or fear public speaking?
  1. Money and Finances?
    • Do you undercharge for your work or services?
    • Find it difficult to ask for a pay rise or increase your fees?
    • Find that money leaves the second it comes in?
    • Feel uncomfortable receiving money or financial support from others?
    • Always the one that pays for other people?
  1. Health and Well being?
    • Are you unhappy with your body or appearance?
    • Anxious about what other people think of you?
    • Comfort eat or drink alcohol as a way of coping with isolation, anxiety and stress?
    • Tend to people please, self sacrifice and exhaust yourself doing everything for everyone else?
    • Use alcohol, drugs or self destructive behaviours to dull feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, anger, guilt and shame?
  1. Happiness and Purpose?
    • Do you experience a lack of inner peace and contentment?
    • Feel resentment toward others for their lack of generosity and care?
    • Lost your sense of passion and joy in life?
    • Tend to procrastinate and find it difficult making decisions?
    • Feel lost in terms of your life direction?

When we don’t FULLY LOVE and VALUE OURSELVES it can negatively impact on EVERY area of our lives. No matter how much we try to get ahead, our lack of self love will continue to block us and hold us back, we do something to address it at that DEEPER level.


You are a being of great VALUE and WORTH.

You already know your MAGNIFICENCE!


When you were born you came into this world KNOWING YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT!

Truly you did!!! And you didn’t need to prove it to anyone!

You beamed it in your smile and radiated it in your energy!

And then. . . at some point. . . your inner knowing of yourself was shaken.

At some point you listened to the limiting beliefs of those around you – your parents, siblings, teachers, peers, the media, religion – and you started to adopt their criticisms and negative judgements. You started to take the lack of attention, neglect, rejection, abuse, and/or abandonment that you experienced personally. As if other people’s behaviours and perceptions were a reflection of You and your value and worth.

And you started to lose sight of your magnificence. . .

Believing there was something wrong with you. . .

That you weren’t ok as you were. . .

That you were broken, faulty or not enough.

And bit by bit . . your knowing of your magnificence became lessened and you started to believe you needed to be fixed. That unless you improved yourself or made yourself better in some way you’d never be good enough.


And that’s the story we’ve all been telling ourselves ever since. For many many years. For many lifetimes even!!!

But the truth is – you don’t need to be fixed because you’re NOT actually broken!!!

You’re still the incredible magnificent YOU that you always were and always will be! You simply need to release the negative habits that  prevent you from seeing it!



Empowered Self Love

The 8 Week Online Course with Juliet Martine

The essential course for every person to
love and value themselves more.


What if you could fall madly deeply



EMPOWERED SELF LOVE  is an Online 8 Week Course that teaches you HOW to reconnect with the INCREDIBLE MAGNIFICENT YOU that you truly are so you can fully LOVE, ACCEPT, BELIEVE IN, and VALUE YOURSELF more than ever before!

Over the course of the 8 weeks you will learn how to clear the underlying core habits that hold you back and prevent you from knowing your inner magnificence, so that by the end of the 8 weeks you have UNLEARNED all that is false about you and transformed the way you feel about yourself – inside and out – so you can be the confident empowered lovable MAGNIFICENT DIVINE YOU THAT YOU TRULY ARE!!!


Here are just a few of the things people experience
from the Empowered Self Love Course:

Learn how to:

  • Like and appreciate who you are more than ever before
  • Feel more authentic, relaxed and comfortable in your own skin
  • Have more self confidence and self belief
  • Feel more optimistic and capable of achieving the things you desire in life
  • Feel more comfortable around other people
  • Have stronger, more effective boundaries
  • Be more confident attracting a happy, healthy, loving relationship
  • Be able to enjoy your own company in the knowing there will come a time when you WILL be in a loving relationship
  • Have a greater sense of purpose and direction
  • Feel happier, more beautiful, more grounded, more at ease, and more joyful than ever before!!!



Empowered Self Love
The Essential Course for EVERY Person.

This 8 week course is the essential course for every person, especially if you tend to: Self Confidence Self Love Juliet Martine

  • Doubt yourself and lack self confidence
  • Feel negatively about your body
  • Feel anxious about what other people think of you
  • Find it difficult attracting a loving partner
  • Stay in unhealthy relationships
  • Have difficulty establishing boundaries
  • Experience ongoing health issues
  • Lack confidence in your work
  • Find it difficult getting ahead in business
  • Resist promoting yourself or your work
  • Struggle with money
  • Put other people’s needs ahead of your own
  • Fear failure
  • Hold yourself back from pursuing your passions
  • Struggle to make decisions and changes in your life


You are a naturally gifted being of immense VALUE!

You deserve to FEEL GOOD about yourself and to LOVE and ACCEPT YOURSELF exactly as you are! That’s why you’re here!!! If you’d like to:

  • Free yourself from the past to fully accept yourself exactly as you are
  • Shatter the negative self talk that tells you that you’re not ok, that you can’t do it, that you’re inadequate and not enough
  • Embody your authentic self and divine greatness in every area of your life
  • Know your true worthiness on every level of your being
  • Uncover the unique gifts, talents and abilities you were born with
  • Realize the limitless possibilities for you to bring your greatness into the world
  • Live a life of abundant self love, self confidence and self worth
  • Get ahead in business
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and allow it to be the guiding power in your life. . .

this is your invitation to join me in the EMPOWERED SELF LOVE 8 Week Online Course and create your life THE WAY YOU WANT IT TO BE !!!



During the 8 week Empowered Self Love course you will discover how to:

  1. CLEAR the 4 most LIMITING HABITS that have been holding you back in ALL areas of your life


  2. REPROGRAM YOUR MIND to be able to accept yourself exactly as you are


  3. OPEN YOUR HEART to experience the abundant love that’s within you


  4. CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT to claim the full power of your magnificence


  5. Be in a more compassionate SUPPORTIVE RELATIONSHIP with YOURSELF


  6. ACTIVATE YOUR SELF BELIEF to create lasting changes at the core of your being




Being an 8 week live online GROUP course you will also find that the energy of the group facilitates an even more powerful inner and outer transformation than most people are able to achieve on their own.


Once you remember how to truly
there’s no going back!



Imagine what your life will be like when you are able to love yourself – no matter what!!!

No more excuses! No more apologizing for who you are! No more shrinking, staying small, or dimming your light to make other people happy!

And the wonderful thing is that once you learn how to truly love and value yourself, there’s no going back. No forgetting it. No lapsing back into old destructive habits that hold you back.



  1. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_Woman3WEEK ONE:Reprogram The 4 Habits That Block Your Potential For Happiness And Success
    • Understand the 4 fundamental habits that cause you to reject and abandon yourself
    • Identify your personal blocks and the ways in which you’re holding yourself back
    • Redefine true self love, what it means to you and how to give yourself permission to love yourself, value who you are and be happy in life
    • Activate the power of your intent to empower your journey back to self love
  2. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_CandlesWEEK TWO:Transform Your Negative Self Judgements Into Wholehearted Self Acceptance
    • Discover your most deeply held negative self judgements and how they are currently disempowering you and blocking your self love
    • Learn how to accept yourself as you are by transforming your negative self judgements into loving self acceptance
    • Break through limiting self beliefs, guilt and shame, to create positive statements of personal empowerment
    • Release the need for perfectionism and learn how to love your imperfections and humanness
  3. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_Woman4WEEK THREE:Learn How To Open Your Heart To Awaken The Love That’s Within You
    • Deepen your heart connection and activate the flame of love within your heart
    • Identify old wounds and learn how to clear them through forgiveness
    • Align yourself with unconditional love for self and others
    • Learn how to initiate the flow of loving energy within you to release anger, stress, anxiety, and emotional reactivity in your daily life and bring a greater sense of inner peace and calm
  4. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_diamondWEEK FOUR:Reclaim Your Magnificence To Stand In The Power Of Your True Value and Worth
    • Learn how to stop measuring yourself by other people’s yardsticks and start claiming all that is wonderful and great about who you are
    • Embrace your true magnificence and increase your self confidence, self belief and self worth more than ever before
    • Identify your unique talents, gifts and abilities and discover the hidden value in your perceived weaknesses and inadequacies
    • Learn to love your uniqueness and see the value in being the individual that is You!
  5. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_Woman7WEEK FIVE:Retrain Your Inner Enemy To Become Your Lifelong Best Friend
    • Learn how to prioritise your self and treat yourself as your own best friend
    • Ground your self love in daily practices that boost the way you feel within yourself
    • Start to think and act as a force of love in your own life
    • Use your body and your heart as your guiding light in all that you think, say and do
  6. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_Woman8WEEK SIX:Transform Your Fears To Ignite Your Personal Empowerment
    • Free yourself of people pleasing approval seeking patterns and learn how to set strong clear boundaries
    • Reclaim the power you have given away throughout your lifetime to feel your inner strength
    • Learn  how to protect your energy from being affected by other people
    • Learn how to use your inner knowing to empower you in your life
  7. SelfConfidenceSelfLove_GoldWEEK SEVEN:Move From A Scarcity Mentality To Empower You In Your Abundance Mindset
    •  Develop an attitude of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness
    • Increase your sense of self value and self confidence through the ways in which you measure your success in the world
    • Learn how to see your life through the eyes of abundance
    • Strengthen your trust in the Universe and life itself to support you in all that you desire
  8. Opened fortune cookie with a positive message - the future is yours WEEK EIGHT:Bring It All Together For Complete Inner And Outer Life Transformation
    • Create a self love action plan for yourself
    • Integrate your self value and self love physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, on every level of your being
    • Get clear about what you want to manifest and how to infuse it with your newfound love and self worth
    • Identify the next steps to continue on your path of self love

When you register for Empowered Self Love, we’ll send you everything you need to take full advantage of the course including exclusive access to:

  • what-you-getWeekly 90 minute online video course with Juliet – one each week for 8 consecutive weeks available for you to immediately watch in the comfort of your own home
  • Downloadable PDF course handouts for every session
  • Private Facebook Group access for unlimited access to Juliet and ongoing support throughout the course and beyond
  • BONUS meditations and resources to assist you in your personal empowerment
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to all materials for you to utilise whenever you need
  • PLUS: Access to a wonderful community of like-minded people who understand exactly what you’re going through and are right there with you to support you every step of the way as you journey back to self love and wholeness
  • PLUS!!! For a limited time only:  A BONUS 30 MINUTE INDIVIDUAL SKYPE COACHING SESSION WITH JULIET to assist you to manifest your desires going forward.



Registrations are now OPEN!

Your 8 Week Course – Starts Online
As Soon As You Are Ready To Get Started!


Your Investment:
Special Introductory Price Just $295


What is your lack of self love
costing you RIGHT NOW?


It wasn’t until I really valued my life that I realized I needed to do something about the way I felt within myself and to make the decision to learn how to love and value myself more.

Doing this course is your opportunity to really value YOUR life and to change the way you feel about yourself, from the inside out.


Don’t let the voice of SELF DOUBT
be the AUTHORITY in your life:
Your STRENGTH doesn’t get activated
until you’re in the feeling of FEAR. 


Think about it.

Right now you’re probably thinking: Can I afford to do this course? No.

But the more important and powerful question to ask ourselves is: Can I afford NOT to?

If I don’t learn how to love and value myself more, what will be the cost to me?

Only YOU know the answer to that question. So ask yourself:

  • What value would I place on being in a loving happy relationship right now?
  • What would it be worth for me to feel more confident and strong within myself?
  • More comfortable in my skin?
  • More healthy in my body?
  • More at ease in my work?
  • More successful in my business?
  • More on track in my life?

$1,000? . . .  $10,000. . .  $100,000. . .  $1,000,000!?!


If I could give you a pill RIGHT NOW that would enable you to fully LOVE and VALUE YOURSELF . . . 

That would make you feel HAPPY in your own skin. . . 

That would FREE YOU to experience the relationship, business, financial, and lifestyle success you desire in life. . . 

What would you be willing to pay for that pill?

Because that’s the VALUE you have placed on your life.

And that’s the VALUE THIS 8 WEEK COURSE can provide you with, IF you empower yourself to say YES to the opportunity that is awaiting you to LOVE and VALUE YOURSELF more than you’ve ever experienced before!!!



“I can’t thank you enough. This course has transformed the way I see myself and how other’s now see me. Learning how to change the 4 habits that were undermining me in my life was so profound. I now treat myself as my own best friend rather than worst enemy. Other people are amazed at how different I am. Thank you, thank, thank you. I wish I’d done this course years ago!!!”

“More than anything this course made me realize I’m not alone. We all face the same issues. I now have a huge level of understanding about what self love really IS. It’s about setting boundaries, accepting myself, and dropping the negative self talk. I’m now able to recognize how I was and have changed the way I think, feel and express myself in every area of my life. What a blessing! Thank you so much!”




“I now speak up for myself, treat myself better, and have the courage to let go of the people in my life who have been holding me back, and am attracting wonderful new people into my life who love me for who I am.”

“I now understand that what I was doing before wasn’t self loving. It was just masking the anxiety and self doubt I felt. Learning the 4 new habits of self love have completely changed the way I think, feel, act, and go about my life. I now have the practical tools to anchor and ground my love for myself and I am using them every day to make myself a priority.”

“I had heard about self love before but my struggle was HOW do I actually do it? Having the time each week through the 8 week course enabled me to create new habits. Rather than just reading a book or attending a workshop and learning tools but not really using them and sticking them in a draw somewhere gathering dust. The change comes from actually DOING the exercises and creating the changes within my thought patterns and my behaviours… and doing this course over 8 weeks gave me the support and ongoing practices I needed to really APPLY and ANCHOR them in my daily life.”

“I no longer look in the mirror and hate the way I look. I now like the person looking back at me and feel way more comfortable about being around other people. For the first time in years I actually feel excited about my future and who I am!”

“Having a week between sessions and the opportunity to practice the tools and cement the learning was brilliant! To the point that other people started asking me what I was doing! People could SEE the shifts and told me how much happier and younger I looked! And that’s how I now feel. . . HAPPIER, YOUNGER and more EXCITED ABOUT MY FUTURE and WHAT’S AHEAD OF ME!!!”


Your Investment:
Special Introductory Price $295


100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so 100% confident of the value that EMPOWERED SELF LOVE provides,
that I will provide you with a 100% money back promise that
if after completing the 8 weeks of this course and you having applied the learning to the best of your ability
you feel that you truly don’t love, accept, value, and believe in yourself more than ever before
you will receive 100% of your investment back.

I want the very best for you,
and I know this Course provides the foundations for you to
love yourself more than ever before like no other course does!




Online 8 Week Course
in the comfort of your own home
at a pace and time that works for you!

If you’d like to let go of:

  1. Old patterns of self doubt and lack of self confidence
  2. Feeling anxious and alone
  3. Worrying about what other people think of you
  4. Victim and blaming thinking
  5. Unhealthy, damaging relationships
  6. Scarcity patterns
  7. Financial struggles
  8. Patterns of procrastination and self sabotage

and replace these limiting patterns with a new way of relating to yourself and your life where you :

  • SelfConfidenceSelfLove_Woman5Feel stronger, more CONFIDENT and empowered in who you are
  • Know at the core of your being that you truly ARE enough
  • Like, love and accept yourself more than EVER before
  • Feel that you are truly BEAUTIFUL inside and out
  • Feel more peaceful, relaxed and COMFORTABLE in your own skin
  • Feel more confident and AT EASE around other people
  • Experience deeper more heartfelt loving RELATIONSHIPS
  • Experience a greater sense of freedom to be your AUTHENTIC self
  • Feel healthier and more ALIVE
  • Trust that life will SUPPORT you as you step forward and stand in your magnificence in all areas of your life

Join Juliet in this transformative 8 week course and give yourself the greatest gift of all – genuine wholehearted self love, self acceptance, self confidence and self worth, more than you’ve ever experienced before!!!



Special Introductory Price Just $295



About Juliet Martine

SelfConfidenceSelfLove_JulietMartine3For the past 14 years Juliet Martine has worked as a Healer, Manifestation Coach, Spiritual Teacher, and Author, helping thousands of clients across the globe to clear their blockages and manifest their heart’s desires.

“I am passionate about helping women learn how to LOVE and VALUE THEMSELVES so they can turn their lives around and create the things they want with greater happiness and success.

“There was a time when I was miserably unhappy in my marriage. I felt trapped by my own fears and unworthy of being happy. I remember realizing that if I didn’t change the way I felt then I would be wishing the rest of my life away, believing that change could never happen.

“So I made the decision to address every single one of my fears and to VALUE my life as the precious gift it is. Seeing that MY life was something to be valued and that it was up to ME to clear myself of the habits that were keeping me stuck in not loving and valuing myself enough was the catalyst that empowered me to claim the life I am now blessed to be living.

“Working with clients I help them to clear the hurts, wounds, angers, resentments, limiting beliefs and stories that hold them back so they too can fully love and value themselves and move forward in more empowered, self loving, self respecting, and self valuing ways to create the future they desire.”

Juliet is the author of two books ‘Boot Camp For The Soul’ and her latest book ‘MANIFESTATION INTELLIGENCE – Your Ultimate Power For Creating Greater Health, Wealth, Happiness and Success,’ a must read for anyone who wants to not only survive but to really THRIVE in life!